Barbarous overstruck imitation of a "soldier spearing horseman" of Constantius II (337-361 AD)

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Constantius facing right, blundered partial inscriptions / Soldier spearing horseman, garbled inscriptions. Imitating an AE3 of Constantius II, overstruck on a Constantinian VRBS ROMA AE3. 18mm, 2.0 grams. RARE! Minted ca.354-358 in Britain.Barbarous coins in Britain were struck because of the coinage shortage in roughly the same time period as the originals... They probably saw only local circulation - this particular issue was a subject to a lot of speculation and (sometimes wild) theories - Mattingly himself believed that this issue was struck by the invading Picts during the "barbarian conspiracy" of the 360's.It is now believed that the usage of the FEL TEMP RAPARATIO imitations did not extend beyond 358 AD, when the official "soldier spearing horseman" type was discontinued. The countermarked issues can be linked to an edict listed in the "Codex Theodosianus", discontinuing the circulation of the earlier bronzes within the empire. In Britain, in the absence of a mint, it is thought that a severe shortage of new "soldier spearing horseman" coinage led to large numbers of the old issues, espcially the GLORIA EXERCITVS types, being overstruck with unofficial "FEL TEPM REPARATIO" dies around 354-358 AD.