Rare silver drachm (ca. 1000-1200 AD), Silharas of northern Khankan, India

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Stylized Sasanian-like bust, right, corrupt and stylized Brahmi legend / Stylized horseman spearing two fallen enemies.  14 mm, 4.1 gm. Mitchiner NIS 651v.

Very thick, nice silver (not debased). Rare coin, difficult to find!.

The Shilahara Dynasty (also Shilahara, Sinhara, Shailahara, Shrilara, and Silara) was a royal clan that established itself in northern and southern Konkan, present-day Mumbai and southern Maharashtra during the Rashtrakuta period. They were split into three branches; one branch ruled North Konkan, the second South Konkan (between 765 and 1029), while the third ruled what is now known as modern districts of Satara, Kollapura and Belagavi between 940 and 1215 after which they were overwhelmed by the Chalukya.