Rare billon half trachy (?) (DO 825-831), Andronicus II (1282-1328), Restored Byzantine Empire

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Andronicus II (1282-1328, Æ Trachy (15mm, 0.65 gm). Sole reign, 1282-1328 AD. St.Demetrius standing, holding small cross to breast / Emperor standing, holding cross-scepter, being blesses by the Virgin , star above. Wonderful brown patina! Mint of Thessalonica. DOC Plate 46, #825-831.This type is known in two sizes - normal trachy size (20-23mm, 1.2-2 grams), and small-flan size, about 15mm, 0.6 to 0.7 grams. The small type might have been intended as a "half-denomination". The small type is much rarer than the large one, and is almost always very crude and showing little detail. This coin is quite exceptional, much better than the DO plate coin.