Rare silver rupee, Emperor Akbar (1556-1605), Dehli mint, Mughal Empire

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Inscriptions on both sides within a polyfoil on obverse and a circle on reverse: Kalima / Akbar's name and titles, date and mint. Mint of Agra, dated to 979 AH = 1571 AD. Excellent coin, very attractive. 27mm, 11.3 grams. Dehli mint, Unlisted in Krause; BM 94.

The Mughal Dynasty is a line of Muslim emperors who reigned in India from 1526 to 1858. Babur, the first mughal emperor, was a descendant of the Turkish conqueror Timur on his father's side and of the Mongol (n, mughal) conqueror Genghis Khan on his mother's side, Invaded India from Afghanistan and founded the Mughal Empire on the ruin of the Delhi Sultanate. From 1526, when Babur defeated Sultan Ibrahim Lodi, the ruler of Delhi and established himself in neighbouring Agra, until 1638, when his great-great-grandson Shah Jehan built a new capital city in Delhi again, Agra was a repository for all the wealth and talent of one of the most extensive empires in the medieval world.