Unique - AE4 of "THEODIVS", late 4th century mystery coin

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Laureate and draped bust right, [DNT]HEODIVS PF AVG / Wreath, no inscriptions, SI[S] in exergue. 11mm, 0.8 grams. RIC -, BMC -.A unique little puzzle - the name is blundered and is combined from "THEO[dosius]" and "[ARCA]DIVS". I've seen a few similar coins before - a combination AE3 of "Theodosius" and "Valentinian" to yields "THEODOSIANVS" and a couple of others. All these coins are definetely official, not imitations, and are propabably a result of an engraver's error.The reverse shows an empty wreath - the wreath seems to have contained a cross once, but the cross was erased on the die, resulting in a cavity on the die that looks like a slight bump on this coin. The coins shows a fairly clear Siscian mintmark. A unique little piece - a numismatic puzzle.