Very crude ancient British barbarous radiate (ca.270-280 AD)

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Radiate bust right, crude inscriptions / Crude deity standing, very crudeinscriptions. This coin is imitating a bronze antoninianus of TetricusI (270-273 AD). Green patina, 15mm, 0.4g, nicer than the scan, a crudetype. Found in Britain.This piece was struck on a thin planchet, made by hammering an old coin into a large thin piece of metal and cutting the appropriate blank out by hand.Ancient British barbarous radiates seemsto have been produced between the reigns of Victorinus and ca.274 AD(after the Gallo-Roman Empire was reincorporated into the RomanEmpire), when Aurelian banned the circulation of these small imitativebronzes throughout the Empire. It is likely that at least some of thebarbarous radiates were produced after 274 AD all the way into theearly 280s. The value of the barbarous imitations was almost certainlynot equal to their official counterparts - they probably saw only locallimited circulation, and fulfilled the role of token coinage in timesof an acute coin shortage.