Rare type! Billon tanka of Fath Khan (after 760 AH / 1359 AD), under Firuz II, Sultanate of Delhi (D-511) - citing Fath Khan, Firuz Shah and Abbasid Caliph Abu Abd-Allah of Cairo

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Fath Khan Firuz Shah jall allah zillalahu jalalahu / Fi zaman al-imam amir al-muminin Abu Abd-Allah billah khulidat khalifatahu . 19mm, 9.01 grams. Struck after 760 AH. White colour, decent quality billon. "The Coins of the Indian Sultanates" D511.

Rare! The rarest type of all Fath Khan's tankas, described but not pictured in "The Coins of the Indian Sultanates".

This type was issued in the name of Fath Khan, his father Firuz Shah and the reigning Abbasid Caliph of Cairo Abu Abd-Allah.

Firuz II Tughluq placed his son, Fath Khan, in charge of the Eastern portion of the Sultanate (which later became the independent Sultanate of Jaunpur) in 760 AH and allowed him to strike coins in his own name.



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