Extremely rare silver mitqal of Humayun (1530-1556), Agra mint, Mughal Empire

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INDIA, Mughal Empire. Nasir-al-Din Muhammad Humayun. 1530-1556. AR Mitqal (4.7 g, 27mm). Agra mint. Kalima, with names of the four Companions around / "Muhammad Humayan Ghazi"; mint in margin. VERY rare coin of the first Moghul Emperor, extremely hard to find and very popular!!! Drill marks (to check if the coin is made of real silver). Large! 27mm, 4.7 grams. Drill-marks on one side (to test if the coin is fouree or not). Rare this nice, weakly struck on one side (these are almost always struck this way). Wright -; Hull 1173; BMC -; KM -.