Unlisted silver dramma, Gujarat (c.1000-1150), Chaulukya-Paramaras, India

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Very stylized head of Firuz right, with his mouth depicted as a circle / Stylized fire altar with attendants on both sides, degraded into a series of dots and dashes. 16mm, 3.84 grams, thick and made of good silver. Mitchener -; Maheshwari "Imitations in Continuity" -.

This type shows the mouth of the ruler as a circle. These coins are probably a product of a distinct minor mint, or perhaps represent a single issue which was cohesive enough to circulate together. This unique variety is known from a single recent hoard and no such coins are published in Mitchiner, Maheshwari or other common references.

Indian imitations of the Sassanian coins of Emperor Peroz (Firuz). These coins were minted in Northern India by the Rajput dynasties of Saurashtra and Gujarat and imitated the earlier Sassanian drachms. There are a few possible attributions, though the attribution to the Chaulukyas (or perhaps to the contemporaries Paramaras) seem reasonable.



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