Silver tetradrachm of Nero and Poppaea, dated 63/64CE, Alexandria, Roman Egypt

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NEΡΩ KΛAY KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEΡ AY. radiate head right / ΠOΠΠAIA CEBACTH, draped bust of Poppaea right; LI (date) to right (year 10 = 63/64 CE). 22.5mm, 7.49 grams. Mint of Alexandria. Milne 217; Koln 157; Dattari (Savio) 196; RPC I 5275. SKU x54

Poppaea Sabina (AD 30 – 65) was a Roman Empress as the second wife of the Emperor Nero. She had also been wife to the future emperor Otho. The historians of antiquity describe her as a beautiful woman who used intrigues to become empress.