Silver dirham of Bahramshah (1118-52) w/Caliph al-Mustarshid and Sanjar, Ghaznavid Empire

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Kalima in two lines / al-Mustarshid billah / 'Azd ud-dawla/ Sinjar // Al-Sultan/ Muhammad rasul Allah/ al-Sultan al-Azzam/ Yamin ud-dawla/ Bahramshah. 

The inscriptions also mention the Abbasid Caliph al-Mustarshid (1118-1135) and the Seljuq Sultan Sinjar (1118-1153). 19mm, 3.01 grams. Tye #108.

The Ghaznavid Empire was one of the greatest medieval Islamic Empires. The Ghaznavid dynasty was a Muslim dynasty of Turkic mamluk origin, at their greatest extent ruling large parts of Mesopotamia, Afghanistan, much of Transoxiana and the northwest Indian subcontinent from 977 to 1186. The dynasty was founded by Sabuktigin upon his succession to rule of the region of Ghazna after the death of his father-in-law, Alp Tigin, who was a breakaway ex-general of the Samanid Empire from Balkh, north of the Hindu Kush in Greater Khorasan. .

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