Silver 18 groschen, Friedrich Wilhelm (1640-88), Prussia, Germany

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Bust cuirassed and crowned on the right, carrying a sword on the right shoulder, surrounded by the legend • FRID• WILH• DG• M• B• R• S• R• I• A• C• & P• E• L•// Erect eagle topped with the Great Elector's hat, dividing the face value, initials at leg height, surrounded by the legend and the year in Arabic numerals.
SUPREMUS DUX IN PRUSSIA ✿ 1684, 18 ꟾ HS. 28.5mm, 6.18 grams. Konigsberg mint. KM# 468, Neum# 11.117b, 11.118, Schr# 1635-1723, 1726-1739.

18 Groschen or 18 Gröscher = 1 Orte = 1 Tympf = 1/5 Thaler. The term "Tympf" comes from the Polish master coiner Andreas Tympf.

Coin minted for the province of Prussia at the Königsberg mint by coin masters Heinrich Sievert (HS) and Bastian Altmann (BA)




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