RRR irregular VLPP follis of Licinius II (317-324 CE), Trier, Roman Empire

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LICINIVS - IVN NOB, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right // VICTORIAE LAETAE PRIN P, two Victories standing, holding shield inscribed VT/PR, mintmark •STR• in exergue. Trier mint. RIC -.

Only one VLPP issue of Licinius is recorded for Trier -  RIC 232 (officina P, abbreviated reverse legend). It has the same bust type as this coin. The issue with a longer reverse legend and the officina S is not recorded. This coin is irregular (note the crude obverse legend, with upside-down "L" and absence of the title "Caesar"). Extremely rare and unique, interesting and rare appearance of the young Licinius on the western issue from Trier.