Rare unlisted AE punchmark w/1 punch, 185-73 BC, Malwa, Sunga Kingdom, India

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One punch-mark symbol (square divided into nine sections) / Blank, 6mmx6mm, 0.28 grams. Unknown Malwa mint (?). Gupta/Hardaker - (series VIII); MACW -; Pieper -.

The small copper punchmarks were initially inspired by the Mauryan punchmarked silver drachms. They are They are found mostly in the Malwa region, the seat of the Sunga Kingdom, thus they are usually attributed to the Sungas. The quality of these post-Mauryan coins quickly deteriorated, and the latest bronze punchmarks were tiny and showed very crude small punchmarks. They likely date to the period of the late Sunga Empire. These coins are very poorly known - this type is not listed either in Mitchiner, Gupta/Hardaker or Mitchiner. These tiny types are known mostly from a recent find.

The Shunga Empire was an ancient Indian dynasty from Magadha that controlled areas of the most of the northern Indian subcontinent from around 185 to 73 BCE. The dynasty was established by Pushyamitra, after taking the throne of the Maurya Empire. 



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