Rare silver drachm of Krishna Raja (ca.550-575 AD), Kalachuris in Deccan, India

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Krishna Raja facing right, no inscriptions / Humped bull seated right, dots below, "Parama mahesvara mata pitri pad anudhyata sri Krishna Raja" in Brahmi (translating as "devout worshipper of Siva, who meditates at the feet of his mother and father, the lord Krishna Raja"). 12mm, 1.63 grams. Mitchener 582-593.

The history of Western India from this period is almost unknown, but the coins of this type were based on the coins of the Traikutaka ruler Vyaghrasena, who ruled in the late 400's. This would place this coinage some half a century before the rule of the historical Krishnaraja of the Kalachuris. It is possible that the Krishnaraja who minted these coins was different from the famous Kalachuri Krishnaraja (perhaps his grandfather?), as it is impossible to reconcile these coins otherwise.

The Kalachuris rose to prominence in the first half of the 6th century and spread over Malwa region, reaching zenith of their power during the reign of Krishna Raja. Their power was greatly reduces by the Kanauj and Chalukyas in the early 600's.



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