Rare copper "Bucranium" coin, 100-300 AD, Himyarite Kingdom, Arabia Felix

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Long-haired head left, crescent with a dot above, symbols to either side // Bucranium (decorated antelope's head) with curved symbol to either side. 10mm, 0.64 grams. Cf. Zeno 110344, Munro-Hay 2.14; SNG ANS 1571

Very rare and poorly known, much rarer than the silver "Bucranium" coins. For similar coin (in inferior condition), see Zeno 110344, 212194, 317558 and some others, sold for 100-150$+ each.

These silver and copper issues are commonly called "Bucranium" coins because of the presence of the antelope's head on the reverse. The word "Bucranium" comes from ancient Greek. It was a form of carved ox-skull decoration commonly used in Classical architecture. The name is generally considered to originate with the practice of displaying garlanded, sacrificial oxen, whose heads were displayed on the walls of temples. 



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