Rare AE4 of Libius Severus w/monogram of Ricimer, 457-472 CE, Roman Empire

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Bust of Libius Severus. Diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right / Monogram of Ricimer. 10mm, 1.08 grams. Rome mint?, perhaps struck 465-467 CE. Cf. RIC X 2716-7.

High quality example, with a clear wreath and a monogram, in a good style, probably the product of Rome rather than a military mint. These AE4s were traditionally attributed to Libius Severus (Severus III), with Ricimer's monogram on the reverse taken to show the power of Ricimer over the Emperor. However, it is sometimes assumed that these coins were minted at an uncertain military minted during the two-year period (465-467 CE) between the death of Libius Severus and the accession of Anthemius, which seems fairly reasonable.

Flavius Ricimer, a Patrician and Master of Soldiers, was a Romanized Germanic general who effectively ruled the remaining territory of the Western Roman Empire from 456 after defeating Avitus, until his death in 472. 



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