Nice tin pitis, Baha-ud-Din (1776-1803), ND, Palembang Sultanate, Indonesia

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High quality rare tin pitis, undated type, Baha-ud-Din (1776-1803), Palembang mint, Palembang Sultanate, Sumatra, Indonesia

Very stylized Arabic inscription: Sultan Palembang / Blank. Undated type, struck on a cast tin flan. 18mm, 0.61 grams. Krause -; V.LaHaye/E.Spanier & Fils Lith Du Roi #191; Cf. Zeno 101777. SKU X108-48935

Palembang is a city in the Northern area of Sumatra, Indonesia. It was once a Portuguese colony, and later the seat of the Sultanate of Palembang. These coins used to be quite rare and expensive, until a number of large hoards made them generally available and relatively cheap. For example, coins of this type were sold by Munzen & Medaillen Deutschland GmbH, Auction 10 (March 22nd, 2002), #681.