Nice Renzi Ban-Liang w/outer rim, ca.175-140 BC, Han, China (G/F 13.51)

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Two Chinese characters Ban Liang (""Half an ounce""), outer rim / Flat, no rims. 23.5mm, 2.09 grams. Gratzer/Fishman ""The Early Round Coins of China"" #13.51; Hartill #-. SKU X99-50009

"Renzi" liang describes the shape of the character "liang".  This is a lovely authentic coin, very high grade but it has two original tiny casting holes over "liang".

A Chinese ounce (liang) weighs about 16 grams. The earliest ""Ban Liangs"" weighed half that much - 8 grams, but the later pieces, like this one, weighed much less. These late Ban Liangs were cast during the reign of Emperor Wudi (140-87 BC), the date of the casting is ca.136-118 BC and they come from the last issue of Western Han dynasty Ban Liangs.

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