Lot of 4 various silver 1/2 units, 1-100 AD, Qataban Kingdom, Arabia

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Curly-haired male head facing right / Bearded head facing right, wearing a cap with the tail turned up behind, surrounded by legends. 11mm-14mm, total weight 3.29 grams. 

All four coins are HRB mint. Two coins are chipped - one of them is in high quality but chipped.  Two coins are complete, but poorly struck or worn. All four are still attributable, interesting lot (especially the chipped high quality example, as it shows unrecorded inscription around the head on the reverse). The price is for the group of 4 coins shown below.


Qataban was an ancient South Semitic-speaking kingdom of South Arabia that existed from the early 1st millennium BCE to the late 1st or 2nd centuries CE. It was centered around the Wādī Bayhān, and its capital was the city of Timnaʿ. It was one of the six ancient South Arabian kingdoms of ancient Yemen, along with Sabaʾ, Maʿīn, Ḥaḍramawt, Ḥimyar and Awsān. The kingdom of Qatabān came to an end when Ḥaḍramawt and Ḥimyar divided its territories among themselves and annexed them in the late 1st century CE.



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