Certified rare type proto-coin, c.1000-600 BC, Upper Xiajiadian culture, China

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Two connected triple “swirls”. 35mm long. Cf. Zeno 306316 (for the same type).

Xiajiadian culture existed in southeastern Inner Mongolia, northern Hebei and western Liaoning in China and was outside the Zhou Chinese Empire. Upper Xiajiadian bronzes were decorated with animal and natural motifs, which suggest possible Scythian affinities and indicate continued cultural contact and exchange across the Eurasian steppes. The people are mostly nomads, but produced a variety of sophisticated bronze artifacts and used various “pre-monetary” bronze coins, most commonly in shape of uniform connected round beads. Larger pieces in form of connected 3 “swirls” (which certainly show a   Scythian connection) are also thought to have been used as money.

These pieces are poorly studied and understood, and while the plain connected beads are relatively common, the “swirls”, especially very large ones like this piece, are very rare.

High quality example, certified and rated 82, without repairs.

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