AR drachm w/full legend, Omkara monastery in Malwa, Paramaras, c.1150-1300, India (MNIS 436)

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Silver drachm with SRI OMKARA on the reverse, Omkara Mandhata monastery in Malwa, Paramaras, c.1150-1300, India (MNIS 436)

Very stylized Sassanian-style bust facing right, Nahari letter SRI in late style behind bust / Stylized fire altar, SriOm/Kara in the middle of the altar (full name of the monastery). 14mm, 4.08 grams, Mitchener NIS 436.

Scarce high grade coin struck in good silver. This is the type with a full name of the monastery on the reverse.

These coins were minted in Malwa India by the Rajput Paramara dynasty rulers of the area. The mintplace is indicated on these coins, a very rare and unusual feature for the times - Omkara is a large monastery located on the northern bank of the river Narbada near Mandhata in Indore. At these times the monasteries were the centers of the culture and played a major role in the economy of India by employing people from the surrounding countryside for various purposed. The coins coined at the monastery were probably used to pay these employees. 



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