Rare AR 1/2 unit, King Dhamar'ali Dhubyan, 1-50 AD, HRB mint, Qataban, Arabia

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Head left; partial legend DhMR ‘LY DhBYN ŠM (king’s name in South Arabian) above, ‘oblong symbol’ (of ‘Anbi) to right, ḤRB (mint name in South Arabian) below / Crude long-haired head right. 14mm, 1.30 grams. ḤRB mint. Huth -; HGC 10; cf.e-auction 351, lot 392; cf. Zeno 203902.

Rare with head left.


Qataban was an ancient South Semitic-speaking kingdom of South Arabia that existed from the early 1st millennium BCE to the late 1st or 2nd centuries CE. It was centered around the Wādī Bayhān, and its capital was the city of Timnaʿ. It was one of the six ancient South Arabian kingdoms of ancient Yemen, along with Sabaʾ, Maʿīn, Ḥaḍramawt, Ḥimyar and Awsān. The kingdom of Qatabān came to an end when Ḥaḍramawt and Ḥimyar divided its territories among themselves and annexed them in the late 1st century CE.



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