AE cash, Oghitmai, c.760s CE, Turgesh Confederation, Semirechye, Sogdiana, Central Asia

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AE cash, late issue of ruler Oghitmai, c.760's CE, Turgesh Confederation, Semirechye, Sogdiana, Central Asia

Trident tamgha of Oghitmai (type 3) and Sogdian legend: wg'tm'y xwbw pny ("Coin of the Ruler Oghitmai") // Sogdian legend: bgy twrkys x'g'n pny ("Coin of the Master, Türgesh Khagan". 17mm, 1.47 grams. Kamyshev 39; cf.Zeno 273091.

Crudely cast, with only the reverse legend.

This type of coins was previously considered to an anonymous issue by the Tukhus tribe, though now the attribution is considered to be incorrect. The obverse legend has been re-read as wg'tm'i xwbw pny ("Coin of the Ruler Oghitmai"). This ruler was evidently the last of the three Kings known to have issues this series of coins. While the obverse inscription gives the name of the local ruler, the reverse inscription references the overlord Khagan of the Turghesh confederation, though it does not name him. He may have outlasted the Turghesh Confederation which collapsed in c.766 CE, since his latest small cash are one-sided, showing only his name and not referencing the Turghesh Khagan




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