Rare AE10 of the Roman client King Archelaus (?) (ca. 36-14 AD), Cappadocia

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Horse head right / Palm branch with Taenia. 10mm, 2.60 g.  SNG BM - (984), SNG Stancomb - (653), BMC - (Cappadocia, c.f..p. 46, 9; palm frond with Taenia on reverse and legend EYΣEBEIAΣ), Sydenham - (c.f. 19).
Archelaus' father was High Priest Archelaus, the ruler of Comana in Cappadocia. He was deposed by Julius Caesar in 47 BC. Archelaus' mother was Glaphyra, became one of the mistresses to the Roman Triumvir Mark Antony. Through her influence Archelaus was installed as a client King of Cappadocia. His long reign (some 50 years) lasted into the reign of Tiberius.