Lot of 50 Central Asian large copper coins, c.1400-1600, many w/countermarks

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Lot of 50 unsorted Central Asian large copper fals / dangs from the Timurid and Shaybanid periods circa 1400-1600. The coins are 24-28mm, 4-8 grams each. Huge amount of variation, many with counterstamps. The lot has not been picked over, and there are a few Samarqand mint fals of Tamerlane included. A very interesting study lot in an average circulated quality (the copper coins from this period saw much circulation).

The picture below is of a few representitive handfuls from the lot, you will receive coins from the same lot and of the same quality, but not exactly the same coins pictured below.

The Shaybanids were a dynasty of Mongol origin, with their name derived from Shiban, the grandson of Chingiz Khan. From about AH 818 onwards, all copper coinage is anonymous and best regarded as civic coinage. From AH 818 until AH 905, all Central Asian mints were under Timurid control, and all came under Shaybanid authority during the following few years. Most Central Asian coppers were somewhat carelessly struck, often with considerable areas of flatness. They circulated extensively, and are often found quite worn - Central Asian coppers were used as a regional, rather than a local currency, and have often been found in large hoards. As a result, they are rather well-known, though new types and countermarks continue to be discovered. Unfortunately, no thorough reference catalog of the series has yet been undertaken.



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