Rare AE drachm, Sanabares King of Margiana or his successor, c.1st century AD?

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Bust left // Archer seated right, Π below bow, Pehlavi legends around, Gondopharid or Arsacid symbol or tamgha to the left. 18mm, 3.79 grams. Probably Herat-Sistan region. Senior 266.2D; Sellwood 93.3.  SKU T1101-52124

This type is different from the normal coins of Sanabares and bears a different mark on the reverse. It might come from a different mint or be a coin of Sabares' successor.

Mitchiner saw a karhosti legend behind archer - he attributed this type to Ardeshir, vassal king of Sakastan, AD 230-245. Other authorities considered these coins Gondopharid (Indo-Parthian), though it is hard to place them within the Gondopharid series due to stylistic considerations. Other attributions place this issue in Margiana or the local vassal rulers of Merv and Khorasan.



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