High quality billon drachm or hemidrachm of 'Napki Malka' (after ca.576 AD), Turko-Hepthalites in Gandhara

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Bust right wearing winged head-dress; abbreviated Napki Malka, contracted into two letters - tamgha and two cornucopeas behind / Attendants and a fire altar, derived from the Sassanian coins. Very rare small-flan thick isse, 20.5mm, 2.35 grams. Mint of Gandhara, Mitchiner ACW 1533. In excellent condition, with beautiful black smooth patina, much nicer than the photo.In 576 Turko-Hepthalites overran the Nezak posessions in Bactrian and Gandhara, and replaced the standard "Nezak Malka" with a new "Napki Malka" type (replacing the Bull crown with this spiky crown).