Gold 1/4 Ashrafi or 1/10 Mohur of Suleiman Mirza, Sub King in Badakhshan (1529-1584) in the name of the 1st Mughal Emperor Babur (1525-1530). Extremely rare!

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Shahada / Babar Badshah (The name of Babur is clear on this coin) n; Extremely rare! 13mm, 0.93 g.Sulaiman issued similar gold coins in the name of Babur, Humayun and Akbar - the ones in the name of Humayun and Akbar are fairly common, while the coins in the name of Babur, like this one, were issued only for a very short period of time (in 1529-1530) and are very rare.The Mirzas were a sub-clan of the Timurids who conquered northern India and established the Mughal empire. Most of the fractional gold of Badakhshan bore the names of the Mughal rulers, Babar, Humayan, and Akbar.