Anonymous copper pulo, Khans Khulna (1358-1359) or Nawruz (1359) or Khyzr (1359-1360), 761 AH/1359 AD, Saray al-Jadid mint, Jochid Mongols - Fedorov/Davidov #92ff

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Zarb Saray al-Jadid, 761 in a number of lines, all within a hexafoil / Flower ornament, no inscriptions. Dated to 761 AH/1359 AD). 18mm, 1.94 grams. Mint of Saray al-Jadid. Fedorov-Davidov #92ff; Yanina V #31ff.

This anonymous issue might have being issued by either one of the Khans Khulna (1358-1359) or Nawruz (1359) or Khyzr (1359-1360). Jani Beg commanded a massive n Tatar force that attacked the n port city of Kaffa in 1343. The siege was lifted by an Italian relief force in February. In 1345 Jani Beg again besieged Kaffa, however, his assault was again unsuccessful due to an outbreak of the Black Plague among his troops. It is thought that Jani Beg's army catapulted infected corpses into Kaffa in an attempt to use the Black Death to weaken the defenders. Infected Genoese sailors subsequently sailed from Kaffa to Genoa, introducing the Black Death into Europe. The reign of Jani Beg was marked by the first signs of the feudal strife which would eventually contribute to the demise of the Golden Horde. Jani Beg's assassination in 1357 opened a quarter-century of political turmoil within the Golden Horde.