Scarce silver acke of Sahib Giray (1532-1551), Qirq-Yar mint, Jochid Mongols (Retowsky #2)

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Giray tamgha in the center in a double-circle Zarb Qirq-Yar / Arabic legends Sahib Giray bin Menghli Giray, star in circle in the middle. 13mm13mm, 0.47 grams. Qirq-Yar mint. cf. Zeno 91635; Retowski #2.

Sahib I Giray (1501-1551) was a khan of the n Khanate in 1532-1550/1551. He was a son of Mengli I. In 1521 his brother, then Khan of , Mehmed I Giray, took Kazan, and gave it to Sahib. Together their army defeated Vasili III of Russia near Moscow. In 1532 after the death of Saadet I Giray Sahib inherited the n Khanate. In 1541 he again invaded Muscovy. He died in 1551.