Silver dirham of an ephemeral Khan Khyzr (761-762 AH/1359-1360 AD), Saray al-Jedid mint, 1359 AD, Jochid Mongols - Sagdeeva 303

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Al-Sultan al-adil, Khyzr Khan, Khalda mulku in a few lines in Arabic ("The Just Sultan, Khan Khyzr, may his rule endure") / "Zarb Saray al-Jedid, 761" ("Struck in Saray, 761 AH)". Dated to 761 AH/1359 AD). 16mm, 1.42 grams. Mint of Saray al-Jedid. Sagdeeva (2005) #303.Rare ephemeral ruler. Khyzr was the descendant of Shiban, the fifth son of Juchi. Khyzr's installation on the throne resulted in the splitting of Golden Horde into the Eastern and Western parts. After a short rule of just over a year, Khyzr was murdered by Timur-Hoja, the next ruler of the Golden Horde.