Unpublished silver 1/2 tanka of "Muzzafar" Shah, ca.1310-1320 AD, Sultanate of Delhi

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Arabic inscriptions on both sides: Al-Sultan al-azzam / wa'l din al dunya / Muzzafar Shah (with a small word "Allah" added) within a double square / (?) bin al-Sultan (A)llah (?) amir al-muminin within a circle, Zarb Hadrat Shahr-i-Nau (?) (possibly Deogir?) in the circular margin, date (721 AH? (=1320/1321 AD)). 24mm, 4.7 grams. Unpublished.A fascinating mystery coin - the Sultan named on this coin is a certain "Muzzafar", though no such ruler is known for this time period in Delhi or Bengal. The style is extremely garbled, though most of the inscriptions can be read. The style of the coin design and the lettering (especially the letters in "Shah") can be dated to to ca.710-720 AH (1310-1320 AD) - the ligation of "sultan" on obverse is very rare and appears only on the coins from this period. The "flower" design of "Shah" was used mostly on coins of Firuz (1290-1296 AD) and of Muhammed (1296-1316 AD), so it is almost certain that the coin dates to the above mentioned period of 1310-1320 AD. It is possible that the "Muzzafar" who issued this coin ascended the throne during the troubled period following the death of Muhammed in 1316 AD. The barbaric style might indicate that the coin was not struck at a major mint.The denomination of the coin is probably 1/2 tanka - very rare denomination by itself.