Yi Hua cash, ca.300-220 BC, Yan Kingdom, Warring States period in China

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Two large Chinese characters Archaic style Yi Hua (="one hua") / Blank. 18mm, 1.44 grams. Hartill #6.17; Shjoth 77. 

The legend on these coin means "one hua", with "hua" being a local weight standard, though its exact weight is unknown. These coins were usually very crudely cast, and this coin is better than the most.

Yan was a state during the Western Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods in China by Xianbei. Its capital was Ji (nowadays Beijing, also known as Yanjing, "capital of Yan"). During the Warring States, the capital was also moved to its lower capital at Xiadu at times, which was the largest city in terms of area at the time. Lu Wan became was the last King of Yan. He reigned there for most of Liu Bang's life until he failed to meet a summons to the Imperial Court due to illness. He fled to the Xiongnu to avoid being executed. Yan then came under rule of the Han Dynasty. This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.



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