Yanhuan Wu Zhu, later Eastern Han period (after ca.146 AD), China (G/F 4.342)

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Two chinese characters Wu Zhu (=5 Zhu), shallow rims / Blank, no rims. 25mm, 2.13 grams. Gratzer/Fishman "One thousand years of Wu Zhu coinage" #4.342; Schjöth #304; Hartill 10.27. SKU T297-DD85-46356

On this coin the outside rim was removed as well.

These coins are the late Wu Zhu coins are called "Yan Huan Wu Zhu" ("Thread Ring Wu Zhu") because their center was removed (either to yield a Zao Bian (Chiselled Rim) Wu Zhus, or to yield a bit of copper for another purpose). This modification was probably done officially, in time of economic trouble or coin shortage, to increase the amount of coins in circulation. These coins are found in graves dating to Emperor Huan Di (146-168 AD) and his successors, though the small “inner” coin might have circulated in later periods as well. 

This coin is unconditionally guaranteed to be authentic.