Lot of 4 coins with monograms - AE4's of Leo, Zeno and other Emperors, middle to late 5th century AD - rare coins!

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This is a group of 4 coins shown above - 2 with monograms, 1 with Victory and 1 with a cross. Neat coins, better than the photo.. 7-9mm, 0.5-1 grams.

These coins come from a hoard of very late AE4's (mostly of Zeno and Leo) which appeared on the market 15 years ago or so. A number of pieces in the hoard seem to be completely unstruck. It is not possible to know if these are official pieces, unstruck by mistake, some sort of an emergency issue or ancient counterfeits. Since they were found alongside the properly struck coins, these blank flans were probably accepted as normal coins. This group contains both blank flans and official coins (in very low quality, showing only a few traces of the design). The price is for the exact group of 45 coins shown above.