284-279 BC - Yan Kingdom occupying Qi Kingdom, extremely rare Boshan small knife-money, Warring Period China

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Small type. Ming / Blank. 106mm, 5.82 grams; Hartil 4.46 or similar; Zhong Guo p.98-99.

This piece is slightly bent and shows signs of restoration.

Boshan knives:Boshan knives are a distinct class of small knife-money, produced in the Boshan area. Their general appearance is similar to the Ming knives, though they are much smaller and were cast in style unique to the Boshan knives. A hoard of these knives was unearthed in the Jiaqing period (17961820) in Boshan in eastern Shandong. Later finds have been made in the same area. This area was part of the state of Qi; and their legends also refer to Qi. Between 284 and 279 BC, the State of Yan occupied most of the territory of Qi, and it is generally accepted that these coins come from this time.




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