Lot of 6 bronze tetradrachm of Kujula Kadphises (ca.30-80 AD), Kushan Empire

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Diademed bust right, imitative of Hermaeus; corrupt Greek legend / Hercules standing facing, holding club and lion skin; Karosthi legend. Lot of 6 coins (pictured above) , measuring 13-22mm each. Senior ISCH B6 type; Mitchiner ACW 2897 - 2910.Kujula Kadphises, reigned (3080 CE), was a Kushan prince who united the Yuezhi confederation during the 1st century CE, and became the first Kushan emperor. According to the Rabatak inscription, he was the grandfather of the great Kushan king Kanishka I. The origins of Kujula Kadphises are quite obscure, and it is usually considered he was a descendant of the Kushan ruler Heraios, or even identical with him. Interestingly however, Kujula shares his name on some of his "Hermaeus" coins, or Kozola on his "Augustus" coins with some of the last Indo-Scythian rulers, such as Liaka Kusulaka, or his son Patika Kusulaka, which might suggest some family connection.