Lot of 14 various Kushano-Sassanian drachms, 200-400 AD

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Lot of 14 various copper drachms minted by the ancient Kushano-Sassanians. The group includes a variety of types, including some scarcer ones. The size ranges from 12mm to 18mm. The buyer will receive the exact 14 coins shown above.These are actually fairly decent coins, most should be attributable.The Indo-Sassanids, Kushano-Sassanids or Kushanshas (also Indo-Sassanians) were a branch of the Sassanids who established their rule in the northwestern Indian subcontinent during the third and fourth centuries at the expense of the declining Kushans. They were in turn displaced in 410 by the invasions of the Huna people. They were able to re-establish some authority after the Sassanids destroyed the Hephthalites in 565, but their rule collapsed under Arab attacks in the mid 7th century.