Lot of 10 unattributed silver dirhams, 11th century, Ghaznavid Empire

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Lot of 10 different unattributed silver dirhams, 11th century AD. 18-20mm, about 3 grams each.The Ghaznavid Empire was a state in the region of today's Afghanistan that existed from 963 to 1187. It was created by Turks under Khan Sebük Tigin with the city Ghazna (Ghazni) as capital, replacing the Samanids. Sebük Tigin made himself lord of nearly all the present territory of Afghanistan and of the Punjab. In 997, Mahmud, the son of Sebük Tigin, succeeded his father upon his death, and with him Ghazni and the Ghaznavid dynasty have become perpetually associated. Issuing forth year after year from the capital, Mahmud carried fully seventeen expeditions of devastation through northern India and Gujarat, as well as others to the north and west. From the borders of Kurdistan to Samarkand, from the Caspian Sea to the Yamuna, his authority was acknowledged.