Bronze aspron trachy of Manuel (1143-1180), Byzantine Empire

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Manuel I Comnenus, Constantinople, Billon aspron trachy. IC-XC, Christ bearded, seated facing, wearing nimbus; Gospels in left hand. Eight-rayed stars on each side, double linear legs to throne / MANUHL DECP, Manuel on the left, holding labarum and cross on globe, being crowned by Mary, both standing facing, M above Marys outstretched hand. (One jewel on emperor's loros between waist and collar piece. Loros waist has 5 pellets in diagonal cross arrangement. The collar piece has 3 jewels; the centre one round, flanked by 2 square jewels. All other pellets are round.) 28.5mm, 3.1 grams. Sear 1966. Dumbarton Oaks IV 13.f.