Rare hunnic (?) imitation of a drachm of Indo-Greek ruler Menander, struck ca.4th-6th century AD (?), Unknown Hunnic principalities in Kashmir Smast region

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Degraded inscriptions, helmeted Bust of King right / Degraded inscriptions, Pallas standing left holding shield and thrusting thunderbolt. 14x12mm, 1.06 grams. Mitchiner -; Gobl -.The coins are from the Kashmir Smast area and are all extremely rare and were never properly published - a good website that lists and discusses many of these types was created by mr.Waleed Ziad - this is the link to this website: http://www.geocities.com/kashmirsmastThis type, imitating the Indo-Greek drachms of Menander, are found alongside various Hunnic fractions in Kashmir Smast. It is impossible to attribute these coins to the decree of any ruler, who might have wanted to associate himself with the legendary ruler Menander. From the multitude of varieties found in the Kashmir Shmast hoard, and the variance within each die, it is most probably the case that Kashmir Shmast coins were minted by local moneyors who imitated popular coins at a whim, occasionally barbarizing the legends and control marks. This type is discussed at length on Mr.Ziad's website: http://www.geocities.com/kashmirsmast/?200917