Rare anonymous silver drachm (ca. 1000-1200 AD), Silharas of Khankan

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Stylized Sasanian-like bust, right, corrupt and stylized Brahmi legend / stylized horseman spearing two fallen enemies. Very thick, nice silver (not debased). Rare coin, difficult to find! 14 mm, 4.31 gm. Mitchiner NIS 651v.Silaharas were ruling three different regions and hence those branches are termed as 1. Silharas of Karad (ruled between 1050 and 1212 AD), 2. Silaharas of South Konkan (before 1050) and 3. Silaharas of North Konkan (between 1026 - 1030 AD). Silaharas of Karad followed the Kolhapur coinage style in minting coins. They retained the trident and Garuda devices in their coinage. Coins bearing degenerated images are dated to the later period while others are dated to earlier period.