Unpublished variety - gold fanam imitating a Mughal fanam of Alamgir or Kodikonda "cobra" fanam, legible Balapur mint name, early to mid-18th century, Tanjore?, India

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Imitativen legend? or of a multi-headed cobra taken from the 18th century Kodikonda "cobra" fanam / Barely legible Imitative word "Balapur". Mint of Balapur. 7mm, 0.38 grams. Herrli "Gold Fanams" #9 for imitative Mughal fanams  (though this type is not listed).

Very neat little fanam found in Tanjore along with early 18th century Tanjore fanams. It might be a local Tanjore imitation of a Mughal gold fanam from Balapur (with perhaps Kodikonda elements on obverse)