Shin Kanei large Meiwa-Sen 4-mon coin (Fu Ei -"drooping Ei" type), minted 1769-1788, Edo, Fokagawa, Musashi Province, Japan (Hartill #4.253)

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Four characters - Kuan Ei Tsu Ho ("drooping Ei" type - with "the Tsu radical in Ei slanting down and to the left) / Blank. 28mm, 4.42 grams. Edo (Tokyo mint), issued 1769-1788. Hartill 4.253.

Most Japanese coins are very rare. These coins are, however, common - they were inspired by the Ming dynasty cash from China. "Kwan Ei Tsu Ho" means "Universal Treasure of Kwan Ei". The coins were minted from 1769 to 1860 - these brassy large pieces were minted in the earliest Meiwa period, from 1769 to 1788. These coins carried the denomination of 4-mon and carried 11 "waves" on the reverse.