Very rare AE4 of the usurper Emperor Leontius (484-488 AD), Alexandria mint, late Roman Empire

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Bust right, L[E]ONTIV.. / Leontius' monogram, no mintmark (mint of Alexandria). 11mm, 0.76 grams. RIC 694 (also RIC X, p.122 note)

Leontius was a late Roman usurper in the Middle East. He was chosen as an Emperor by the rebels and crowned in Tarsus in 484 AD. His forces occupied a part of the Middle East, and his rebellion lasted for some 4 years. In 488 AD he was captured after a long seige in Isauria and he was executed by the Imperial forces. He issued gold and bronze coinage. The bronze small coppers (AE4's) that are attributed to him have a basic Leo's monogram with an additional bar in the right top corner, forming a letter "T". This bar would change the spelling from Leonis" to "Leontius".  These small bronzes seem to have been issued exclusively in Alexandria in Egypt and remain very rare.