Rare type! Pre-reform Arab-Byzantine follis, ca.680-690 AD, Tiberias mint, Ummayad Caliphate

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Byzantine style standing emperor, holding long cross and globus cruciger; bird on standard to left / Large M; monogram above, ANO XTII flanking, « -/DAM\ below. 19mm, 2.81 grams. Tiberias (?) mint.  Walker 7; SICA 560.

This type is traditionally attributed to Damascus based on the exergual legend. However the obverse motif of the bird perched on a T-shaped standard appears later on signed Umayyad issues of Tiberias (cf. SNAT 302). It is likely that these are issues of Tiberias copying the types of the main Umayyad mint at Damascus.

These coins are among the earliest coins of the first Islamic Caliphate. Before the more familiar anepigraphic types were issued by the Ummayad, the arab conquerors used a slightly modified Byzantine coinage in the conquered Byzantine lands.