Superb quality follis of Fausta, wife of Constantine the Great, struck ca.325-326 AD, Cyzicus mint, Roman Empire

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FLAV MAX-FAVSTA AVG, mantled bust right, head bare, hair waved / SPES REI-PVLICAE, Empress standing facing, looking left, head veiled, holding two children in her arms; SMKB•  in ex. 20mm, 3.24 grams. Cyzicus mint, struck 325-326. RIC 40.

Superb quality with an excellent dark patina!

Flavia Maxima Fausta (289326) was a Roman Empress, daughter of the Roman Emperor Maximianus. To seal the alliance between them for control of the Tetrarchy, in 307 Maximianus married her to Constantine I, who set aside his wife Minervina in her favour. Constantine and Fausta had been betrothed since 293. In 323 she was proclaimed Augusta; previously she held the title of Nobilissima Femina. However three years later Fausta was put to death by Constantine, following the execution of Crispus, his eldest son by Minervina, in 326.