Billon drachm of Rujuvula as Satrap of Chach (ca.10 BC - 10 AD), Jammu mint, Indo-Scythians

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Diademed bust of Rujuvula right, crude BASILEPS SPTROS around / Rallas standing left, holding shield and hurling thunderbolt (copying the earlier Indo-Greek issues), Chatrapasa apratihatachakrasa in Kharoshti around, different control marks in fields. 13mm, 2.31 grams. Mint of Jammu, made of silver-rich billon (rare as such).  Mitchener ACW 2501.

Rujuvula was a Satrap of Chach, and later of Jammu, which he took from the Greeks. Later, after capturing Mathura, he assumed the title of Mahakshatrapa, which he held until his death in ca.1/10 AD.