Very rare billon drachm of Spajheyasa (?) (ca.0-50 AD), Parata Rajas, India

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Diademed, beardless bust left, in the style n kings of the 1st century AD / Swastika to right; Kharosthi legend around: Spajhanaputrasa Parataraja Spajheyasa. 14mm, 1,57 grams. Senior ISCH 284.1D. Very little is known about Paratarajas, including the extend of their dominion, the names of their rulers or the dates of their reigns. Parata Rajas became independent in 78 AD, an event leading to the establishment of the Saka Era - their descendants ruled Saurashtra for over 300 years and Kshaharatas and Kshatrapas of Saurashtra. Parata Rajas issued silver and billon coins that later inspired the coinage of the Kshaharatas and later of the Indo-Saka Kshatrapas - Portrait facing right (usually) on obverse and a circular inscription surrounding a central device (always swastika in case of Parata Rajas). .